About Us

There are so many kinds of special days in our lives, such as: friend’s weddings, new relationships, colleagues’ birthdays, and the promotion of the boss, the graduate of schoolmates, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and anniversaries. Are you fretting about these days for preparing a novel gift? Our company will help you a lot.

Only by telling us your thoughts as well as a clear full-faced photograph, can you process a unique cartoon image which is designed for him/her. Fresh and natural, exaggerated and cute, the image, with artistic value and collection value, is of stylish feeling and personality. Can you imagine the surprising expression of your friend when you show up the bubblehead doll based on his/her photo on the birthday party? Don’t the bubblehead dolls of your parents which you make represent not only a good wish but also a perennial testimony of their love when parents’ birthdays or wedding anniversary? Do you want to have the bubblehead dolls of your whole family to give your lovely kid a permanent memory of childhood when he/she is growing up healthily?

Making from imported material, bubblehead dolls, combing the 8-10 days careful carving by top-ranking sculptor with the baking in high temperature condition, are handicrafts. They are of washable, tasteless, non-toxic and non-fading advantages which are suitable for long-term preservation. Not only can the bubblehead dolls decorate your home and edify your sentiment, but also the fashion tool to create the unique desk culture for the white-collar employees.

Do it now! What are you waiting for? Just give him/her a surprise!